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Palm Quick SUP leash

  • Elasticated webbing leash extends to 3 m
  • Velcro auto release at both ends
  • Adjustable breakaway load (max 0.5 kN)
  • For use with with Quick SUP, Rescue and Pro belts

An elasticated 3 metre SUP leash with a breakaway safety system. Mounting your leash to a quick release waistbelt is important around currents and moving water, in estuaries, harbours and rivers. Being able to reliably disconnect from your leash can save you from becoming entangled. This leash adds a failsafe to your ability to detach from your leash under load. By setting the amount of velcro in contact at both ends of the leash you can choose the strain that is required for the leash and SUP to break away from you. With the velcro fully attached the leash will break-away at 0.5 kN. Compatible with the Quick SUP belt, Quick Rescue belt and the Quick Pro belt.

  • Elasticated webbing leash extends to 3 m
  • Velcro auto release at both ends
  • Adjustable breakaway load (max 0.5 kN)
  • For use with with Quick SUP, Rescue and Pro belts


  • • adjustable velcro breakaway safety system 
  • • ≤ 0.5 kN variable static breakaway strength 


  • 3 m length (fully extended) 


  • 75 g


  • 10 mm high tenacity polyester accordion webbing
add Do I need a quick release leash?

There have been incidents of paddlers becoming entangled by their leash on obstructions in flowing water, such as rocks or buoys. Ankle or calf leashes are not suitable in this scenario as they are difficult to reach and release. The breakaway design of the Quick SUP leash will cause it to release under strain if the leash or board are snagged. Attaching the leash to a Quick waistbelt, which can be easily reached, provides another way to release if entangled.

In calm or non-moving water (such as lakes, canals or the coast) wearing a leash is recommended to keep you from losing your board. In moving or flowing water (such as rivers or estuaries) a quick release system, or no leash is recommended. It is important you make your own decision on the type of leash you use based on your circumstances and environment. Familiarise yourself with how your leash system works and the environment you will be paddling in.

add Can I use the Quick SUP leash in the surf?

The Quick SUP leash is not designed for use in the surf zone – the forces are too large for the breakaway. It is designed more specifically for moving water where there is a risk of entrapment. However, all the Palm Quick belts are compatible with traditional surf leashes.

add How much force will the Quick SUP leash hold?

You can adjust the force at which the leash will release by changing the amount of velcro that overlaps at either end of the leash. We assumed a maximum desirable force of 0.5 kN (50 kg) at which the leash would detach when under tension, based on an average adult in slow moving water, and tested that using a combination of controlled field testing and lab-based load testing. So the velcro on the Quick SUP leash is adjustable from a low load release around 0.15 kN (15 kg) up to a high load release of 0.5 kN (50 kg) – with the Quick SUP belt acting as a further failsafe method to manually detach yourself from the tether.

  • Leash + waist belt combo


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