Models and batches affected

Rescue 850 PFD : PO#21001628 & PO#21001778

Rescue 800 PFD : PO# 21001628

Rescue 700 PFD : PO#21001778


A production fault has been discovered which may affect the operation of Palm Rescue 850, 800 and 700 model PFD chest harness. It is possible for the cam buckle component to slide under the retainer webbing loop preventing release. This applies to PFDs brought into service after November 2017.


Palm Equipment will undertake a factory modification adding bartack stitching to the webbing retainer to bring the product in-­line with correct product specifications. Affected products will need to be returned to Palm Equipment in Clevedon, Somerset for work to be carried out. Turnaround is expected to take a minimum of 14 days. Please contact Palm Equipment customer services to arrange return and repair at our cost.


T: +44 (0) 1275 798 100

You can download and print this notice here: Product_recall_160218_Palm_Rescue_PFD.pdf