You may have heard these names before; the adventurers, coaches, competitors and friendly faces who are out on the water come rain or shine. Take a moment to read their stories and articles here. They bring our sport to new places and take it to the next level, and they test Palm gear to the limit – they are our greatest fans and our greatest critics.


Bren Orton

Aleix Salvat

Heidi Walsh

Sam Clegg


Chris Brain

Eddy Mead

Joe Rea-Dickins

Lowri Davies

Martina Wegman

Michel Uhl

Nick Bennett

Oliver English

Simon Westgarth


Ben Higson

Brogan Swart

David McClure

Lucien Schreiber

Zosia Tula


Dave Storey

Dr Lou Luddington

Erin Bastian

Rai Puig

Kristoffer Vandbakk

Olly Sanders

Phil Clegg


David Morris

Ed Gibson

Gary Robinson

Liam Faisey


Cal Major


Mark-Jan Dielemans

Teams and organisations

Cardiff Kids’ Academy

GB Women’s Raft Team