The team visited the Dee, Teesside and Pinkston for the second weekend of the tour. Here’s a wrap-up of what went down.

Mile End Mill, River Dee

The Dee is a team-favourite stop with support from the whole community and top-tier kayaking available. We started our day with a Dee lap and then stayed at Mile End Mill to play on the great waves and hole that the section has to offer. The most memorable moments from the day included party surfing and a packed-out eddy and of course, the rock slide-into-loop combo that is harder than it looks but goes huge if you get it right.

The afternoon quickly turned into the evening after talks and prizes. After that, we moved on to the Town Hall for Joe Rea-Dickins’ film, The River of Mirrors. It’s a must-watch if you haven’t already!

Tees International White Water Centre

The Tees is always a treat to get to paddle with the long course featuring so many different waves and holes that will make you go dizzy with all of the wingover opportunities. Lots of the course is quite shallow, but we managed to scope out some tall, deep spots for tomahawks, loops and faceplants. This was a game changer and created the perfect learning environment for trying new tricks.


The temperatures dropped rapidly as we drove further north but this didn’t stop us from having a fantastic time at Pinkston whitewater course in Glasgow. The locals here know how to party and every year bring huge speakers to the course to create a buzzing atmosphere kayaking under the lights.

A crowd favourite is always the pumps at the top. Deep enough to cartwheel in, sticky enough to hand it to you. There’s a fine line between surfing the hole and being surfed and you can stand the whole way along the course to watch the chaos. To make it even more interesting, the Pinkston crew got the tubes out for some mass surfing chaos.

Thanks to everyone for joining us this weekend. We’re off to Parmhole, Dublin and Castleconnell, Limerick next weekend. Hope to see you there!